Frances Gynn

About the artist

Frances Gynn
Frances Gynn

United Kingdom


    The Mall Galleries, London, SW1
    Little Dartmouth, Dartmouth
    Galerie het Vijfde Huis, Antwerp
    Coombe Gallery, Dartmouth
    RWA Bristol, Bristol


    My work is a response to 'strange attractors'. It is from these strange attractors that I build a narrative in my work. I am interested in suggestions of human presence within nature and convey the inspiration through representation or abstraction, or both.

    A particular walk I make most days along the sea front washes up a collection of images; a reflection of my thoughts, my mood, a physical presence. 

    Beach jetsam and flotsam suggests a conversation, an event, a sensation. Drawing out and on the usability of  'waste' in the natural environment:  discarded, reclaimed, colonised by nature to be washed up, reclaimed and transformed again.

    The process is an important part of my work. I layer diluted oil paint and beach tar, rub away paint with sandpaper to mimic the sea's wearing away of objects and take paint castings of found objects which I incorporate into my paintings.

    In contrast to the coast, I gather inspiration of a similar theme from the countryside inland.


    BA (hons) Fine Art, Exeter
    BA Graphic Design

    Exhibition History

    2014 - 2016 Residency Little Dartmouth  A year plus working at Little Dartmouth responding to the work of garden designer Dan Pearson, Sally Benthall and Edward Benthall.
    Oct-Dec 2014  'Tideline' Galerie het Vijfde, Antwerp
    July 2014  'Flow' Little Dartmouth, Devon
    March 2013   Royal West of England Academy Drawn 2013 Exhibition
    2012  Bunker Project Marlborough. Mixed exhibition.
    2010  John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize Second Stage Finalist
    2010  Raw Material Exhibition Coombe Gallery, Devon
    2009  Coombe Gallery, Devon
    2008  Unseen South Hams group exhibition
    2008  Mixed exhibition, Coombe Gallery Devon
    2007  Affordable art fair
    2007  Mixed exhibition Coombe Gallery, Devon
    2006  Solo Exhibition, Ainscough Gallery, London
    2005  Art Bar Live, Exeter
    2004  Drawing the line, Coombe Gallery Devon
    2000  British Arts Festival Kuwait
    2000  Bahrain
    1989  Turicum Gallery, Zurich Switzerland